Why Pet Insurance? Because they are worth it!

Why Pet Insurance? Because they are worth it!

Our pets are our family. We all want the absolute best care possible for them- that care, however, comes at a price. Just like with people, as pets age so does the cost of their regular care. Imagine having the freedom to say “YES” to whatever your pet needs- Insurance allows for more opportunities to diagnose illnesses and obtain treatment — even expensive treatments like surgeries and cancer care. Like most insurance, pet insurance gives you peace of mind.

Accidents happen

No matter how responsible we are, accidents and illnesses happen. Statistically speaking, 1 in every 3 pets will experience some kind of emergency during their lifetime. Dog bites, fractures, and object ingestion can cost thousands of dollars to treat. A ligament repair in dogs can cost $3,000 to $7,000, not including X-rays, anesthesia, and follow-up care (yes, physical therapy exists for pets!). For cats, a urinary obstruction (UO) often requires lab testing, antibiotics, and even surgery, which can cost up to $3,000. These events are unexpected and impossible to plan for. Pet insurance helps to alleviate some of the financial stress of these unexpected expenses.

The cost of medical care over the course of a pet’s life can really add up!

How does pet insurance work?

Like people insurance, pet policies come with a variety of deductibles, co-payments, and premiums. You can pick a plan that insures costs due to accidents (such as injuries caused by motor vehicles), or accidents and illness (including arthritis, cancer, and colitis). Some providers also offer wellness coverage for certain routine care, like annual exams, flea and tick treatments, and vaccinations.

Is pet insurance worth the money?

Yes. You can’t predict when or how your pets will get sick, or how much it will cost. Unexpected veterinary costs can add up to thousands of dollars.

Even if you try to save up money in advance, you could come up short. Pet insurance prevents you from having to take on lasting debt or forgo veterinary care.

What is the average cost of pet insurance per month?

The average monthly premium for a dog is about $47 while the average monthly premium for a cat is about $29. However, the costs of insurance vary depending on the pet and your choices. If needed, you could opt for less coverage or a lower reimbursement rate to get a lower monthly premium.

Does pet insurance make sense?

Pet insurance makes good sense from a risk perspective, and it can give you peace of mind. You can expect your pets to need medical care at some point, just as you can expect to need medical yourself in the future.

Do vets recommend pet insurance?

We do! Pet insurance helps ensure your pet will receive the care they need and won’t be euthanized (or abandoned) for economic reasons. It also allows us and pet parents to focus on care during their consultations rather than finances.

Who should consider pet insurance?

Every pet owner should consider pet insurance. Even if you believe you have enough money to cover veterinary costs, pet insurance could still save you thousands of dollars if your pet gets sick or injured. Especially if you have multiple pets, your out-of-pocket costs could add up considerably without insurance.

Questions? For more information about Pet Insurance- check out Pumpkin! You can visit their website here and see exactly what they have to offer- or give them a call! Their team of experts can get you a quote and answer any questions you may have!


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