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It’s been a bad flu season… for dogs!

By: Tara Sansing As you have most likely already seen via the news there have been recent outbreaks of the flu in dogs across the country. At least two positive cases have been confirmed in the Houston area in the … Continue reading

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MDR… What?!..

Congratulations! You’ve just adopted a new family member! They are cute, furry and already an important part of your life! Naturally you want them to be as healthy as possible. You’ve been to the vet and you’ve talked about vaccines, … Continue reading

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The Atopic Dog- Help is Here!

By Marie Slutz Does your dog constantly lick their paws or shake their heads? Have you noticed them scratching or rubbing on things? Are they loosing hair or does their skin look red, thickened or have an odor? Then your … Continue reading

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